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Det er en glede å ønske The Disco Bunny, med hans ustanselige energi velkommen til Karlsøyfestivalen 2019. Diskokaninen er en global ambassadør for fred, kjærlighet, postive vibber og groovy dansemoves. Så dette kan ikke bli feil på Karlsøy i Troms.

The Disco Bunny, aka Pablo Woodward, er en nomadisk oppdagelsesreisende, en fri sjel og alltid gjenkjennelig for sine funky klær, spandexdrakter, glitrende glitter og sprudlende blomsterbuketter.

Disco Bunny bringing his dancing delights to Karlsøy festival

With his insatiable energy, The Disco Bunny is a man on the mission, a global ambassador of peace, love, positive vibes and groovie dance moves.

Disco Bunny aka Pablo Woodward, is a self-confessed nomadic global explorer, free spirit, a Brighton icon and a legend, always identifiable from his outlandish sparkly clothes, spandex suits, glitter and floral bunches.

Disco Bunny i full gang på gata

It is The Disco Bunny’s mission to use his love potion and passion to sprinkle and spread positive energy here, there and everywhere. The eccentric dancer is performing at the festival, spreading “free positive energy” by creating a magical space for people to interact with each other.

When he starts dancing, he never stops. With his infectious dance moves, donning flowers and colours, audiences and by passers-byers are invited to join in. Disco Bunny promotes harmony and love through dancing, wisdom and entertainment.

I welcome people to bring their dancing feet, smiles and children. The entertainment is not me, it is watching each other having fun.

Whether you are poor or rich, old or young, we are all equal in the space I create – it’s hard to look down on someone when they are making you smile

Pablo “The Disco Bunny” Woodward

‘The Disco Bunny’ has evolved into free offerings of positive energy, glitter, smiles, the making of films, the telling of stories, the restoring of individual’s faith in humanity, and the igniting of the belief in themselves and their own power to direct their destiny.

Since his start in 2016, The Disco Bunny has since gone on to spread his positivity across the globe and disco bunnied in Australia, Spain, Holland, Wales and all over England as well as appearing in Kasabian’s You’re In Love With Psycho music video. And the adventures are set to continue this summer as The Disco Bunny is embarking his world tour with his campervan the ´Bunny bus´ visiting Norway for the first time.